The tint:
The highest quality scratch resistant  tint is used to ensure you are happy , we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee once installed.

You will find that your vehicle temperature is cooler and more comfortable to drive as film reduces heat & glare blocking out 99% of the suns harmful UV rays, especially important if children or dogs are carried in vehicles.


Extra privacy for contents within vehicle as film makes it much harder to break glass and guard against prying eyes, remember burglars don’t normally go for things they can’t see, giving you more privacy and reducing risk of the contents being stolen

Exposed to direct sunlight can cause your vehicles interior to fade and crack over time. Blocking out the UV rays will help to protect and extend the life of your vehicles interior.

Safety of glass to side & rear windows, films applied to inside of windows can hold shattered glass in place preventing and reducing the risk of injury, also protecting property & deterring unwelcome visitors.


Enhances the appearance of your vehicle